Fabulous relaxing, fun evening The Big Weekend Cambridge

What a great night last night at a free Event in the City of Cambridge, lots of family fun and a few drinks. However to cap it all a fabulous sing a long on the bus, sorry to the bus driver we may have made your ears bleed. Light relief from a stressful week. P1070665 P1070523 (2) P1070529 (2) P1070542 (2) P1070558 (2) P1070635 P1070644 P1070553 (2) P1070545 (2) P1070665 P1070651


About maxinesusanallen

Mother of 3 children, 2 are now into adulthood so not done to bad. My eldest son is a computer program/website wizz very proud, my daughter is a budding journalist who has just finished her degree another very proud moment and my 11 year old is just enjoying being a child but does talk like a group up at times. I am engage to an amazing man who is wonderful and writes as his hobby but hoping for me then it just being a hobby. I have worked within the care industry since I was 18 and love to think I can make some kind of difference in the delivery of care. My hobby is photography

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