Its been a while (I’ve Lacked inspiration)

So its been a while since I even tried to post something on here, no real excuse except the inspiration needed to try to write something appealing has been missing! 😦

I can blame my work in some way for my lack of get up and write attitude (as its lost) as its been all consuming in an emotional way. Trying to fit into a team that is established can be difficult and has been difficult. So now I have decide to leave the College and try freelance work again (scary). This is another try at establishing enough work that gives me some feeling of achievement.

What I know is that  I love care work (its been part of my life since I was 18) and love being able to go into homes/companies and support and nurture potential but its getting less easy as companies are not valuing the training needed for their staff. Cutting corners and reducing staff, only using distant learning and rarely having someone come in and train their team. So I am at a loss how my role can alter this mentality, how can I now impact on these people if their own company does not value their development. Now of course this is a sweeping statement but sadly in so many companies this is true. Yes I have been to places that are great and seem to value their team and also their clients but sadly at present this is less then it should be so for people like me this is somewhat soul destroying as I feel teaching and learning in care is as important as any industry. Care is a multi million pound industry yet it has lost its value in the society.

So my inspiration is going to have to come from somewhere else and now I need to find it.  Just going to get up and look around and evaluate what I want to do and why I want to do something. Shockingly I even find myself reflecting on my choices with my career and see what made me take the path. One question I always know how to answer is;  what do you want to achieve?  Easy to answer as I want to achieve appreciation for carer/support workers/ care assistants or whatever role there is in care. I want to achieve the respect for the care industry to be able to finding the good news stories more readily then the bad stories  respect.

So for now I just want time to decide and time to evaluate. I hope I will be able to post more often and have more interesting things to report/say. Its going to be an interesting few months I think.

ONWARD ONCE MORE!! So Come on pull up a chair and value the view and join me in the crusade to bring care once more into the light of positivity. 🙂 🙂





2 thoughts on “Its been a while (I’ve Lacked inspiration)

  1. It has been a while. Glad to have you back. Why is is it the people with the biggest hearts get the hardest time? My gran has Vascular Dementia and she has been in 4 care homes in just over two years. The most expensive one treated her like crap. It was disgusting what they did and didn’t do. The onne she is in now is no 5** job but the home invests in the carers and my Gran has gone from be ridden to a lady smiling and possibly coming to my wedding. Don’t give up on your dreams :0

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    1. DaisyWillows
      Environment is Key and so important, my advice would be always visits different times of days. Check and observe the interaction the carers have with everyone. Ask questions about training and never judge a place by the reception and facilities. Some of the most glamorous entrances have the worst person centred care.
      It is a sad disease for all involved but value the days of clarity and don’t over think about what may happen. Here and now moments, build on those good days. Ensure you communicate to the carers about you Grandma as a person and not regarding the condition. History is important. Thank you for the support, I hope my writing will commence again.


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