Simple pleasures

My day normally starts at around 6:15am when the alarm goes off and then the process of getting up and starting the day begins. So it goes like this, toilet, teeth brushed, wash/shower, dressing, walk downstairs (to the cat meowing), kettle on, today as Monday bins out, then make coffee and sit until 7 then out of the door. It really does not change Monday to Friday. Well oiled machine we are in the morning. Lots of multi tasking as we go.

After dropping of my husband (still excited when I say that) at work, I then call my mother as you know from previous posts. So the usual conversation with mother being very pleased grumpy (dad) went to bed a little earlier so she could relax and just sit in quiet as she put it.

As I was driving along chatting my mother (handsfree) the sky lit up with beautiful oranges changing as I drove a long. The patterns in the sky just moving around and the light coming through changing the colours. I love beautiful skies and so whilst still chatting to mum, I pulled over and took a moment to catch the sky only on my iPhone and through the window of the car but I still took that moment to stop. No rushing, no urgency or getting to the training I am doing today, just a simple moment that’s it.


I am now sat waiting to set up for training that starts at 9:30 it’s going to be a rush but no one to let me in so I sit here and I post as it’s an opportunity not to be missed.

Go have a great day all. Try to keep the smile if you can and just notice the simple things.


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