Quality of Life (what does this mean)?

Thinking of this today with my mother having just having to deal with more illness and yet again another hospital stay. Mum you do an amazing and never doubt that you are the strong women that holds this family together and you are the one that loves and cares for this man you married 53 years ago (might be wrong on that) You are the one that wakes in the night and supports him that wakes every morning without fail at 6am to start your day. So I am re blogging to just say thank you.

Attention to Care

I was in the process of writing my blogs when a question from a conversation I had had with my mother that morning  crossed my mind.

That question was – Quality of life, what does it mean to people?

During the conversation with my mother we spoke about my fathers’ current health and his recovery after a recent bout of pneumonia, which then led to diagnosis of emphysema. I should add at this stage that he has also got Alzheimer’s.

Currently he is taking a medication for his Alzheimer’s, as well as steroids to help his lungs. This combination of medicine, my mother has explained to me, has made my father more awake, engaged in TV and films and less confused.

However, she is concerned that since today is the last day of his steroids, he will decline again and she will end up rushing back and forth to hospital.

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