Staffing in Social Care (the future)

Recruitment and retention within Social care.


All of us who work in social care know that there is major issues of recruitment and retention of staff.  Which will have a knock on affect to people that are vulnerable being able to access good quality care. I have to say I am concerned. As an individual I have worked within the care field since I was 18 so for 29 years this has been my career.

However, when I was a manager within a learning disability supported living home and it was never overly difficult to employ in fact I remember interviewing a number of people for a role. Which meant I could make an informed choice of who suited the service best. It seems to have changed, I asked one of my level 5 learners the other day how do they choose between people when interviewing and the reply was ‘never had to as not had more then one person come for the job’. I asked about why this is and she said that they do not get an influx of applications and therefore not many for interviews.

I am concerned that if we do not promote care as a career choice we are going to be in a situation where we either start employing people that are not suitable or we are in a crisis mode.

I can honestly say care does consume my life, I think and discuss care regularly (sometimes I am very one-sided ). I check out the up and coming ideas from people taking vulnerable people into their own homes (jury is out on this), using technology to alleviate need to go into care home or to reduce the work for care workers. I understand use of  technology and how it support mobility safety and sensory loss but reducing work load on carers not so sure. However, its something we are now having to look at, alternatives requiring care from a provider, checking out if a pieces of equipment can do it for us. Technology however, should never remove the need to see a person and to have social contact.

I am going to keep looking into staffing in social care and see what resources are out there, I am going to look at how some companies manage great staff retention and others don’t. I think we need to know look at how we are going to get moving on the next generation of care workers.

So watch this space I will continue to check things that are going on and share with you. Please feel free to check out the links as these are some places I have already put up information on.





3 thoughts on “Staffing in Social Care (the future)

  1. This is a really important issue and care needs are only to going keep increasing. This is a bit of a knee jerk reaction response, so I apologise for the rambling, but it never ceases to amaze me how undervalued care is. People are happy to pay £10-15 per hour to have their lawn mowed/house cleaned/ dog walked etc, but a carer receives about £8.50 per hour.

    Being valued and feeling part of team, who value your contribution is so important – I’d be interested how many carers feel that they are.
    Care isn’t a one man band…. a carer is a vital part of a multi disciplinary team – without a team, it is ineffective. That team needs to have mutual respect for all members whatever their role in care is, opinions listened to, concerns acted upon, be involved in helping making decisions in planning care and reviewing care when it’s not working. If you know you are respected and appreciated you give more and gain more. Being valued at work increases job satisfaction and pride in your work.
    Carers are the eyes and ears. They are vital advocates for those they are caring for. If you are happy, and fulfilled in your role, you are much more likely to stay. A high staff turnover, failure to retain staff indicates a organisational problem.

    No one is too important to put someone on a bedpan……even if they think they are!
    Personal care is one of the most intimate things we can do, I see it as an honour.

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    1. Couldn’t have said it better myself . Value is so important. Hence why I think its so important we talk about care and make it more visible and maybe eventually things will change. I do think high turner over is at times about how well-led an organisation is. Thank you for your comment.


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