Full time job being a Carer with no breaks?

Update, Dad is home again still much the same just staying in bed in general but hey he is fighting a good fight each time. However, it’s hard to see the dramatic change in him this is not just down to the Alzheimer’s its due to the infections he keeps getting. Mum continues to care and work tirelessly to ensure he is well cared for and regardless she continues to try to fight to get answers.

Attention to Care

This was supposed to be a blog post that I wanted to  complete yesterday but things changed and Dad (AKA Grumpy) was taken into hospital and so I am now at my parents as Dad is rather unwell. However, I still wanted to post the blog as its important to understand the impact of multiple conditions. At this point in time Dad is still very unwell. Again Mum has been amazing and shows what true strength she has. Below is yesterdays blog.

I read an article recently about having multiple conditions and it being like having a full time job. It was saying that the amount of appointments someone has in a week or month can make it feel like you are working full time. What I would have maybe added to the article would have been about being a carer for someone with multiple conditions.

Mum is the carer…

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