Pull up a chair and lets talk

I’m sat here on a bank holiday weekend feeling somewhat sorry for myself (have a bad back). I have gone through social media seen the usual posts that raise my blood pressure and seen the posts that make me smile and make me thoughtful. I have cleaned (a little), moaned at my husband (waiting to moan at the 14 year child who still sleeps). I have thought about doing some work (but I should be allowed a day off even if I am self employed). I have gone back to reading (Where Memories Go) and as I was reading it got me thinking (this would worry my husband as me thinking causes stress).

It got me thinking of when I thought I would write a book, I did commence ‘Pull up a Chair’ but can’t find it anywhere (feel sad about that). I am asking myself today if I should try and start again? Some of you will know ‘pull up a chair’ was a title my friend Valerie used to say and that it would be a no holes barred self help book but it would be blunt and no ‘oh woe be me’ type of self help. I adapted it to more of a about my life book which would obviously have Valerie within it. Over the past year things have changed in our family but I now question do I scrap it fully or do I try something new. I am not the most articulate in writing so not sure I could actually write a book.

However, today has me thinking as I sit here feeling sorry for myself. Valerie would not be happy she would give me a course in ‘get the f@ck over it’.

Blogging has become less of late I don’t really know how to make myself more visible. I still want to blog about care but not sure its the most fashionable subject or glamorous. However, I will keep trying.

Happy Sunday All and if feeling sorry for yourself then ‘Pull up a Chair’ and talk. cropped-etchings-and-roses-ivory-wallpaper_yellow-chair1.jpg

3 thoughts on “Pull up a chair and lets talk

  1. I would say – yes definitely – give it a go again. I enjoy your writing. I find it refreshingly open and honest. It’s like meeting an old friend for coffee and the relaxed opening ‘Come on – tell me how you’ve been’. Whatever writing form you may choose i feel you would bring your honesty, experience and humour to it. I like the sound of Valerie too. I would be interested to know the connection between you both and her invitation to pull up a chair. I sense a page turner.


    1. Linda Valerie was one of my most closest of friends we met on a night out and just showing what a small world we live in her son started the same school as Lauren did. I saw her and thought I recognised her and from that day we became friends. Had our ups and downs, but she was so special to us. Sadly now 13 years this November she lost her battle with cancer and I miss her. Love the thought of sitting and chatting with her again. We were a pair though. Thank you for your support.


  2. Thank you Maxine for sharing. A sad loss for you/all. Your bond was obviously very special and a lasting memory. I’m sure Valerie would be supporting you too.


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