Attention to Care the Aim

Attention to care is still going and so is the aim to promote care. I would love others to like, comment and share my posts which at the moment is not really happening. I realise care is not glamorous. I also realise I don’t swear and cause controversy. However, much at times I want to when I see the poor care out there. So fo now it’s not a massively sweary blog. I am not the most confident blogger and so please bare with me while I decide on what I want to get out there.
Have a good Sunday x

Attention to Care

Morning everyone, another week in the life of Attention to Care.  After posting about recruitment and retention of staff within care I decided to just write a little more about Attention to Care and what my aim is.

Attention to care as I mentioned in previous post is my own company which is not LTD at this point in time I am just a sole trader. I set it up as I lost a little faith in being employed by others. I felt I lacked control in my life and I was losing who I was, which then meant I lost a little of what I was aiming to achieve. Care has been my life since I was 16 I went to college and did a qualification called Preliminary Certificate in Social Care. It was a good course that then gained me a job within Cambridgeshire Mencap where I worked…

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