Blog or not to blog does the swearing and risky blogs get more traffic?

Starting to lose the motivation to blog. 

I don’t seem to have the traffic, or the readers interest in what I have to say and let’s be honest we blog, so people see what we have to say (bit of self-pity). I have been trying to think of what I really want to say, being self-employed and needing to have a positive reputation I hold back a little on what I want to really say. Should I hold back? Will this really affect me gaining more work?

Sometimes I want to shout out about the amazing work Carers do, I want to also scream when there are diabolical care stories of abuse to people because of others. I don’t want to be all diplomatic. I want to say it how it is, I want to say care is bloody hard. It’s not a ‘fits all job’. I want to say you will get stressed and you will go through the saddest of times in your role and you will cry, scream, laugh and just hold your breath.

However, I want you to know I have stayed within Care industry for 30 years and I would not swap it for another industry. There is so much I could swear about, and I want to. I want you to know how passionate about care I really am. I want you to know how much I am desperate to value care and carers – both paid and unpaid. When I think about the stuff I want to say it fills me with frustration that I hold back.

More things I want to say are:

Hey, you lot in the government get a grip, wake up. Social care needs you to take it seriously. We may not be the NHS, but we do a bloody hard job and work as hard as the NHS staff. We need more visibility that is what is missing.

Other parties hope to get our votes, but you don’t seem to want to get it right. Don’t promise us the world when it cannot be given, don’t lie to get our vote, don’t say you can if you can’t. Talk to us on the front line, talk to those who do the most intimate care for the most vulnerable people within society.

You out there – the one who thinks think you can treat people badly, stop it right now stop being cruel, unkind. Stop abusing our most vulnerable. Stop what you’re doing right now and think. Think about that being someone you care about. If you can’t then go work elsewhere – do not work in care and do not think we will put up with your practice.

Inspectors – look beyond the chatter that some companies front with, the chatter that keeps you from looking at what is really going on. Take notice of the concerns and make sure you start asking the right questions. Know that sometimes you get it wrong and we know that, but please do not constantly get it wrong.

On a personal note just for the care workers who are supposed to support my Dad, take of your coat, do not talk to your colleague over my dad, do not moan about your company and do not forget to put your gloves and aprons on. Think about what my dad needs and wants. Do not think about your next call and the lack of time to get to it – that is not my Dad’s fault. You have lost my respect and I am disappointed that you are called carers. Don’t bother coming to work if you cannot provide good care and support.

However, the poor care both in hospital and at home my Dad has had doesn’t mean I am turning my back on promoting care. I still value all the other people within care that do an amazing job. So finally thank you to all you that do a GOOD  job who do give up their time and sometimes time that is unpaid.

5 thoughts on “Blog or not to blog does the swearing and risky blogs get more traffic?

  1. A great read . I want to say something that will probably offend, but oh my goodness I believe there to be a great many people who work as carers who wouldn’t have a clue what you were talking about. Those that have no compassion no empathy and very little training, to be called a Carer would almost be a contradiction in terms. The client is a means to end ,the pay is poor and the work undervalued. Get the round done in the time allotted is the number one priority. The Client probably comes some further way down. . Of course there are outstanding and good carers out there but based on absolutely nothing other than I have little faith in my fellow humans I believe them to be in the minority. Thoughts?… and please correct me if I’m wrong x


    1. I believe it is a minority of poor carers. The issue is we focus on all the negatives and that is what the media thrive on. Yes there are poor care companies but it is not down to the carers. It’s normally down to poor training, no training or low staff moral. Poor care a lot of the time can be down to how a company is lead. It doesn’t offend but I don’t agree that is a minority that are good. The issue it society under values social care, there is a lot more value based on the NHS. I see so many post that’s talk about NHS going into hospital when it’s bad snow etc but rarely do I see a post that talks about home carers driving around in dangerous conditions and they do. Also like to say that we forget to value all the good. The most important thing about my blog it to show that even though things are not always perfect the majority of people I meet are trying to be good carers, nurses. Sadly I have met some managers that have lost that compassion. Thank you for you comment Sally.


  2. Well said, very powerful and heartfelt words and yes I agree people should listen and read and take action. The care industry is very under-resourced and under-supported, the NHS is struggling and have passed the onus of care onto family, friends, paid carers/care homes and Local authorities and they just can’t cope either. The Government don’t listen, people who care about trying to make the care system work are struggling and you will always get the job’s worth’s, the clock watchers, the form fillers focusing on the process rather than the person, it’s all so very sad.

    I have to say though I have been very lucky with the support my dad and I have received, I can not fault our Social worker, never once did she give me the impression she didn’t have time, she understood, she listened, she helped and she supported and all this was so important when you are trying to do what is best for a loved one. Also, the care home my dad is in now, may have some management faults, but I cannot fault the staff who care for the residents, they really do care and understand and they all work so dammed hard. Lx


    1. Thank you for your reply much appreciated. I think due to my career being within care I can sometimes be critical. However, mum has spoken up and luckily she now has a chance to change the care company and also waiting for meeting about the hospital. Just a rollercoaster. I suppose I am lucky I deliver Dementia awareness training so I keep up to date with new things that are going on. Thank you so much for all your comments.


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