Innovation and Social care :( :)

Innovation is a great thing it really is and I am all for change and progression. On reading a few months ago about the Alexa assisting within loneliness for people who are in care homes or home care I was sceptical in the idea that is was going to relieve pressure on carers. I was sceptical as the outreaching idea had made suggestions that it was going to be doing task carer do and so less time to be with the person, this is where I then get very frustrated about as replacing human contact will never be the best thing to do ever. It may alleviate loneliness in the sense when the carers are not there that it can be set to read or play music but not instead of carers please.  It could also mean that the individual could raise the alarm if they fall if they are able to. Or to call if there is a potential intruder, also, if get a camera and an Alexa show then they can see who is at the door. So there are uses but not to replace care. I know personally that actually the Alexa has been a great thing for my mum. I got her an Alexa show and she loves it and it has really given her something to do but also, she can call me on it and she can carry on doing things as she chats and she has. I believe it great for her as a carer for her husband.

Then this morning I read an article about a robot being heard in parliament and the article stated ‘robot to care for nations elderly population’. I understand cuts and innovation but come on please again social care is been undervalued and stating in some sense (I know not fully) that a robot can replace a human to care for people. It doesn’t just talk about loneliness it talks about caring. It got me thinking about the people that are most vulnerable that require carers/support workers etc, some of the people we are talking about have, dementia, mental health problems which means sometimes they are hallucinating which can you imagine having a robot around your home when you are in a crisis with your mental health conditions. How scary. It mentions care homes, well most care homes will have people with Dementia and I am sorry but if you work in care you know how residents can react when they don’t recognise a human or when they have a piece of equipment brought to them.

I am frustrated I really am and that’s because we are looking at cheapest option (I know money is tight) and already politicians, society do not value the work social care does and here we are lets use robots. If we are doing this in social care then why not replace teachers, doctors receptionists or hospital porters with robots? Why not replace other frontline staff? Lets not just focus on care work and the social care industry. I am sure someone will say they are not but to me this is what it feels like. Innovation is great and I am still interested in reading more and seeing what more of the ideas they have but remember people first always.

Please feel free to debate.

3 thoughts on “Innovation and Social care :( :)

  1. Hi, I am all for change if it is for the better and technology is great for the right people and it can help to make life easier for some people, but I have to say I worry like you, about technology/robots being put forward to replace humans and human interaction, it should never replace humans. I also worry how the changes in technology will affect older people, there are still many people who do not use computers and probably never will, these people seem to be being forgotten and penalised for not using them. Take the idea of a cashless society and banks disappearing from the high street and small villages. We seem to be in a society now were we are all expected to use credit/debit cards to make purchases, to shop online, to bank online and to manage all our bills etc online. But then we are expected to remember pin numbers and different passwords for all these things and NOT write them down, you have got to be joking right! How on earth are people going to cope, this goes for everyone, we are all going to get older and we are all going to suffer some memory loss due to just getting old never mind if we get Dementia. I am happy now with technology and using a computer, but I often wonder how will I cope as I get older, will I be able to adapt and keep up with the constant changes in tech, I probably wont and I suspect not many people will be able to either. Sorry on my soap box, lol! Lx


    1. Exactly it sort of proves it today, my mum’s Alexa has had a technical fault which means if she was using it as a reminder to take medication or an appointment then it wouldn’t work. As everything even humans things go wrong but at least with Humans we discuss, debating and look for an immediate solution. Within technology we need to wait for the blip to fix. We place a lot of thought on remembering things and as you say we forget and we can just forget in general not due to any issues.
      Thank you for response 🙂 I love soap boxes I have many to stand on Haha


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