What gets people to read?

Still asking the question. What gets you to read?

Attention to Care

What gets people to read is my question today?

I am thinking of what makes me read something and I am struggling to know what. Here are some of what gets me to read:

  • the intrigue that gets me looking further, the expectation that it’s going to be a SURPRISE!
  • the title that gives me a question to be answered and only can be answered if I continue to read.
  • the expectation of what something is going teach me
  • the fear if I don’t read I will miss out on something that can help me
  • the assumption that I know what something is going to include so I make an informed choice
  • the lack of understanding of a title so it’s a MUST read to see if it’s really what it says on the tin (title)
  • I also like a title that may hold a conspiracy theory
  • lastly I choose…

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One thought on “What gets people to read?

  1. I like a twist in a tale, something that isn’t predictable, an unusual title. I love a love story but I also like a good thriller, I have a wide taste in books, but I’m usually drawn to a good synopsis, and a good opening chapter and something fast paced but not with too many characters to follow. I like long books so I can become immersed, I also like to start books that I know will continue into further books, so I can see characters develop. I hate books that just end and leave you having to make your own conclusions about the outcome.

    I tend to read blog posts with a question as a title or some intrigue and something that gives me a hint of what it is about. Something that gives me some knowledge and understanding and maybe makes me go elsewhere to research more.

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