Sunday 4th August

Well it’s been 4 months since Grumpy died and things have continued to move forward, everyone is doing well and working out life without Grumpy. Mum has had the biggest change as she now has freedom. Not that she regrets being a carer but now she can actually look after herself and decide when to do things. She still of course misses the love of her life and I can not imagine how it must feel to have been with someone so long and now to be a widow. Mum has been able to go away a few times once back to South shield with my niece, then a holiday with my other niece and her family and then to us in Cambridge when she drove her on her own for the first time ever. As you can see life continues and mum grows with each day to be independent.

Decided to blog today as it’s a quiet day and I am sat in my back yard listening to music and just taking in the day. I have thought about dad a lot today and found it shocking it was already 4th August and dad died 3rd April wow how time moves on. I have written about loss and that there is no right or wrong way to think about loss. I still look back and wish I had got home but I realise now it just was not what was suppose to happen. I am so lucky that I have photos and memories that I can sit and look at. Social media you remind us of those memories I can imagine for some people this is not a positive thing but for me it’s a reminder of how we valued moments.


I have now set up a new instagram @attentiontocare please check it out.

This is just a quick post just to say I am still here and that I aim to do more on writing about care. I need to now focus on getting the word out that care is important and needs to be valued. So check out my instagram and my face book page.

See you later have a great week

2 thoughts on “Sunday 4th August

  1. Yes i miss Grumpy every minute of the day , but I realised I had two options when he died, become gibbering wreck or do what my beloved Grumpy would want, LIVE and enjoy life like we did as a couple. I hide my grief because my grief is personal I will grieve until I join him which I truly believe we will be together again. True love last forever. x

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