Adapt, change, progress,or crash and burn

The way in which we work I believe is going to be fundamentally different for many companies and industries. The Pandemic we are in has shown us that we need to be quick to adapt, change, progress or we will crash and burn. It’s not rocket science, it’s not political it’s just survival.

So where are you with your work, what are you doing to not crash and burn. Have you got companies that are protecting you?

I am a freelance trainer within care and finding myself with just 2 weeks work a month, using zoom and completing training within 2 care homes to ensure the staff are still provided with knowledge and skills to complete the care in a safe way. Also, to ensure that new staff (much needed) can start working. I find myself thinking about the future of being a freelance worker and how this is going to be changing in the next few years. With a slow release from lockdown (I hope) I may find myself still completing remote training for a number of months. There are definite things I need to do and develop (video skills) to ensure the training is relevant, accurate and meaningful otherwise what is the point.

Things to think about for me are:

  • How do I get hold of moving and handling equipment to do my own videos (videos out on the internet are diabolical)?
  • How to I utilise Zoom better (need to check out the room part of it)?
  • How to ensure that the in house competency checks are meaningful?
  • Can this be a way forward so that 2 or more homes can be trained all at once?
  • Lastly how to market my service?

The next 2 weeks I have no work so it’s going to be working through these points.

Just a quick blog.



One thought on “Adapt, change, progress,or crash and burn

  1. Reblogged this on Attention to Care and commented:

    I continue to try to develop and find ways to use these platforms to deliver training. Key things I have learnt is the ‘live polling’ during a zoom session. This is ideal to test people as you train to ensure they are focused and still listening. I have used it for the first time this month and I believe it worked. My next endeavour is to try to use the break out rooms but watch this space on that. How, are you all doing. Are you changing your business even further? Have you learnt more about your business in the last few months? I have realised that my business will not survive unless I develop new business and new ways of access clients. I am in the process of looking for new customers and trying to push my brand. It’s not easy and this situation has definitely made me reflect a lot. Share share and share some more is one thing we need to do.


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