Current situation (covid effect)

For many working from home has become the new norm, it’s become the way of working for many and I am sure the majority of people have taken to it like a duck to water. However, I am reminded of the impact this current situation has on a number of people, especially those people where work was an escape route, or a reprieve from their life in their home. I reminder to everyone is that not all homes as the best place to be all the time. As a trainer in health and social care I am aware of the need to ensure we don’t make assumptions about people, with this in mind during mental wellbeing training I remind people that ‘just because they can’ or’ just because they want to’ does not mean everyone can. It’s a key part of not judging someone. I have shared this piece of poetry before but I think it is maybe even more important to be aware of. The awareness of what it is like behind some closed doors, even if the facade you see at work is strength, shyness, joker or life and soul of the workplace, there maybe a different life waiting for them when they get home. We need to ensure when we training within mental health awareness that we acknowledge that life is different for us all, what works for you may not work for someone else. It’s something that business owners are going to have to consider when they think about getting people to continue to work from home. Make sure your workforce know they can come to you. Make sure that you allow opportunities for checking on how people are. If you ask someone how they are ensure you have time to listen to the response. Complete Mental health training so as to spot signs, look at accessing support for your team. Just take a little more time to make sure that the new norm is reviewed and you know your team. Because sometimes behind closed doors it something very different. Check out this piece or poetry.


The wedding bells faded, invisible egg shells were the replacement

The pantomime of my life had begun

He played the dashing prince and I was to be the grateful servant

He started to belittle me

He tore me to pieces

My prison sentence had begun

My brain was emptied

My opinions weren’t to be voiced

My freedom had been stolen

The fear, the shouting, the name calling

The abuse, the controller

They were all I had for company now

I was at my lowest ebb

I was taken there by someone who was meant to love me

I was scared, weak, tired and controlled

I had to find the strength and courage to fight for my freedom

I recalled the days I had a smile

I began to hear freedom calling me

I had to escape

I had to be strong

The walk to my life had begun

The rain cleansed my body

The clouds lifted

The sun warmed me

**I was free**
**My jailer had no prisoner**

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