The new training world

I now train from home

I get fully in the zone

The ability to share

Without being their

No hands on assistance

But with caring heart

We find ourselves working apart

Remote training on zoom is my choice of platform

We check the camera and the background

Imagine what can be found

With a snigger here and there we see things appear

With a shift of the camera or the mock up of a screen

With the interruption of children as they scream

The sneak across the screen of loved ones

The stealth movement of the cat

Or the bark of the dog

Sometimes the towel gladded man or woman who hits our screen

No one is perfect it seems

We smile and show that we are seen

Unless the camera is turned off it seems

No face no image not knowing your there

The polling will help to keep you aware

It brings colour, noise and interesting voices

It brings new personalities and new found skills

It brings us together to learn

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