Set yourself a goal they say, and why not. Well the thing about goals is that at times you don’t always know what they are. Instead of me setting goals I am going to share some goals that I think everyone needs to set for 2021 and some of them are going to be about Attention to Care.

Lets start:

  1. ‘Do not set yourself on fire to keep other warm’ this has to be everyone’s first goal and it can be achieved by just stopping and pausing and checking whether doing what you are about to agree to is actually good for you.
  2. Smile more just look in the mirror and smile at yourself, start your day just smiling and end the day in the same way. Just a smile even through the mask can change someones day. It costs nothing.
  3. Give yourself the applause don’t wait for others to clap. Realise your own successes and share them with others. It’s not about being vain it’s about realising you did something great. Even if it is just getting out of bed.
  4. Notice things around you, look up, take a moment to watch the birds, or the clouds. Notice others around you and appreciate them.
  5. Learn more, this is where Attention to Care comes in, try a new trainer to develop your own learning. Up-skill yourself, don’t always have to wait for others. Or if you are a company check us out and value your team with using a passionate trainer (told you a little is about us at Attention to Care)
  6. If you are a family carer we have session for you and maybe just maybe checking us out and attending our workshops in January and February you may find a place to gain support. Think about you remember number 1, you need to be well to care for someone and sometimes you may feel invisible.
  7. If you are struggling with your mental wellbeing, then I ask you to set a goal of just telling one person, by all means message me or a loved one. Share the burden and speak out. Gone are the days that you just have to get on with it, you can tell us and we will listen. We can offer 1-1 support at Attention to Care to build your resilience.
  8. Make what you do important to you and do not be unrealistic with your goals. Simplicity is sometimes the best. It could be as simple as having a cuppa in silence or just taking a walk in the garden before the day starts.

So as I said I may not be doing a list and I may not be setting deadlines to achieve but I am going to aim to plan achievable aims and I am going to realise that sometimes just sitting is OK.

Good luck all for 2021 we got through this year and we will get through the next few months and there is such hope for the next year and we can govern it and control what we want. One point I want to make if you are not able to control and someone is controlling you this is the year to seek support there are amazing people out there. Domestic abuse I am aware is on the up but there is help. Take care all.

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