Impact of the Pandemic on our Mental Health

There is no one who will say this Pandemic has not had some form of affect on them, evidence clearly shows that 2020/21 has certainly had an enormous impact on people’s mental health, this is not just about people who already have a mental health issue but also others who have felt very much in control of their mental wellbeing. The effects from lockdown, social isolation, closed business, extreme media footage on a daily basis all taking a huge toll on our resilience and mental health.

The measures to protect the spread of Covid_19 have had a profound effect on how we live our lives, from our freedoms of going out just because we want to socialise, to being able to go to work, to being able to have our business open, to being able to hug our family and friends. Many feel that they felt lonely before the pandemic but this has been increased because they may have now and again popped out for popping out sake. This is not possible for many especially if they have been told to shield. The profound feeling of being alone must be horrendous and we need to be ware of this. The pandemic is not just about transmission of the illness but the ‘COVID EFFECT’. The impact on freedoms being taking away has led to an increase in the need for mental health services but the problem is it was already an over stretched and underfunded service and now even more then ever is is saturated. We can’t continue to focus on physical well being and not mental health as they go hand in hand. One effects the other.

When people are asked what worries them and effects them these are some of the things they say:

getting covid

family member getting covid

losing job

children’s mental wellbeing

paying bills

feeding children

domestic abuse

lack of contact with friends

loss of self

fear of going out

physical health

this list could go on for ever but the impact is real and we need to ensure that if you are a business that you look out for your employees, if you are self employed know that things are different and hang in there. Care workers, health care workers know that we thank you.

We have a roadmap out of lockdown and yes we have a date to aim for 21st June 2021 but it’s reliant of ALL. This has then another impact, may fill us with hope, fear, joy, anticipation, concern and may just make us think how will things ever be what we class as ‘normal’ to us. What I know is we need to invest in Mental Wellbeing, we need talk and talk more. We need to ask twice if people are OK. We need to say ‘its ok not to be okay’. Ask what can I do, ask what they need, as them how they feel really.

This topic is not ended here we will be realising the impact for months and it won’t be apparent immediately, we may think we are resilient but in reality we all will feel the lack of control at present and this may become harder to get back into normality, don’t be surprised that it takes time. Allow it to take as long as it takes within your own mind. Your journey is yours not mine and not others. You govern it and you don’t measure it on distance you measure on what you have done to get there.

TAKE CARE Maxine Scott

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