What is it all about?

Well let me just say this is an up date on the about tab as what is it about. Not even sure what my blog is about. Its NOT SET IN STONE it’s this and it’s that but mainly its just all about my passions, care, family, photography and just resource finding.

About me:

So all about me is always a little daunting to write about as what makes us interesting to others and what makes people then to want to read on. Or should it just be all about me or should it be all about the blog. Well its very confusing but here goes so enjoy.

I have worked within the care industry since I was 18 when I moved to Cambridge on my own for my first full time job at Mencap. Working with individuals with learning disabilities. Working within care for 29 years has given me great opportunities and great memories even at the saddest of times it has held me together. I became an assessor in 2009 which has opened up more opportunities and now since 2016 I have now worked for myself becoming a Freelance Trainer within Health and Social care under the trade name of Attention to Care.

I am passionate about care and want to be part of trying to make carers feel valued and feel they are respected. Its something I hope the page and my training will achieve.

My hobby is photography and capturing the moments so as not to pass me by. Me in a nutshell.

The page is still pull up a chair and lets talk care but with an added part bring attention to care to the forefront. Pull up a chair was a name of a book that I was hoping to write and did start but never completed. I aim to go back to it one day.


Etchings and Roses Ivory Wallpaper_Yellow Chair(1)


3 thoughts on “What is it all about?

  1. I
    think of Valerie often only the other day I said to my grandson when he visited pull up a chair Leigh and Valerie was there in my minds eye I hope she knows that we think of her often as she was a very special young women , RIP Val till you pop in to my head again pull up a chair lass x ❤ x

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  2. What a wonderful way to carry on your talks and goals with this blog. I for one think talking about ‘our dark ‘ moments necessary and nothing. to be ashamed about. I have my Gran who is in the last stages of Dementia. It’s a horrible illness as is Cancer. I lost my aunt to Cancer in Feb 2015.SO quick, no time to say goodbye properly,I am going to read your post on it right this second.


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