About me

About me:

I am a mum of 3 who has been divorced since 2008, but life has really changed in the last 2 years for us all. I am now happily awaiting to marry a wonderful man In september 2017. My older children are amazing adults who have really achieved in what they want to and a strong individuals. My youngest just turned 12 is a remarkable young man who is very much older than his years.

I have worked within the care industry since I was 18 when I moved to Cambridge on my own for my first full time job at Mencap. Working with individuals with learning disabilities. Working within care for over 20 years has given me great opportunities and great memories even at the saddest of times it has held me together.  I now work more in training people who work within care which is an interesting job. I now work as an assessor in Health and social care. I am now freelance so feel a little more in control.

My hobby is photography and capturing the moments so as not to pass me by. Me in a nutshell.

The photo is of the marriage proposal captured by a family friend on Holiday in Scotland.

Pull up a Chair.. this was a title to a book I wanted to write and have commenced (few 100 words), but I struggle with putting pen to paper and grammar (excuse the mistakes).

Pull up a chair was born from a friendship I had with Valerie, who I met randomly on a night out with work……ohhh the thought of ending up in a night club called Chicago’s (aka meat market). Valerie a lone lady with seemingly lots of confidence, beautifully, and perfectly groomed hair, came over and started to speak to my friend and we ended up laughing the night away (maybe a few drinks).

I never thought in a month of Sundays, I would meet Valerie again. However, even though we had glossed over on the night that we had children about to start school I thought ‘Cambridge is big place’ so I never thought any-more about it.

A few weeks on I walked passed a car waiting in the lay-by outside the school gates and had a double take moment, thinking to one self (posh hey) I know that face, but I never said anything as I have experienced doing that before and it turns out to be the wrong person. The next day, again same situation but this time we bothe clearly recognised each other both saying ‘Valerie/Maxine’ at the same time (you had to be there to see the shock, from that day Valerie and I saw each other nearly everyday.

Valerie was a very particular lady precise and preened and I, well I wasn’t, but we got on and we were firm friends.Pull up a chair derived from spending time discussing life with Valerie, as she used to say pull up a chair, it may take some time (she used to put on an accent) and so this is why there is Pull up a Chair in my title as I want you all to feel that you can pull up a chair and read, write or chat until you feel you have achieved what you wanted to at that moment. Initially Valerie and I talked about a self-help guide (some of our guidance was rather dark, I may discuss one later but it won’t be appreciated by many), then a get over yourself book, then It was just about life, mainly our lives but as Valerie is no longer with us the book has become about my life. I hope to gain snippets of life through different eyes, so I hope to get my mother to tell me how she saw it. Through the eyes of my mother will be I hope cathartic.

Valerie sadly lost her battle with Cancer nearly 10 years ago. I was with her until the end and was honoured to speak at her funeral. I miss her and wish she could have see my children grow but I was lucky enough to see her son recently who she would be so proud of.

Evolution of Pull up a Chair

Pull up a chair as evolved into attention to care and this is my new venture to try to provide bespoke, excellent quality care training and also eventually more resources.

So the title has changed the story hasn’t but the future is now to develop a great platform to promote care and training.


No ‘one size fits all’ and therefore as a training provider we would ensure that your training meets the needs of your service. Aiming to ensuring your team are qualified and given the tools to deliver a service that meets the needs of the people you support. It is essential to provide all with a good quality induction and continuous personal development program. Getting it right first time is essential to meet the requirements within governing bodies and to do this you need the right trainer to develop your team. Best Quality is measured by outcomes being achieved for clients and staff retention.




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3 thoughts on “About me

  1. I
    think of Valerie often only the other day I said to my grandson when he visited pull up a chair Leigh and Valerie was there in my minds eye I hope she knows that we think of her often as she was a very special young women , RIP Val till you pop in to my head again pull up a chair lass x ❤ x

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  2. What a wonderful way to carry on your talks and goals with this blog. I for one think talking about ‘our dark ‘ moments necessary and nothing. to be ashamed about. I have my Gran who is in the last stages of Dementia. It’s a horrible illness as is Cancer. I lost my aunt to Cancer in Feb 2015.SO quick, no time to say goodbye properly,I am going to read your post on it right this second.


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