Surprises you find in the Trees

Sat looking out into my Garden in Cambridge UK, i noticed something in the tree, so took out my camera and snapped a few pictures to see what it was and behold a Red Squirrel (very rare here). Love my camera and love to catch moments like this.

P1090200 (2) P1090201 (2)


Dementia awareness

If you are someone with Dementia or a family member caring for someone or you work with individuals with dementia, then please know that you’re not alone. In the darkness that can be Dementia there are people out there who can help. If your concerned it’s better to see your GP as soon as your can, at times there are some illnesses that can mimic the symptoms of Dementia and it’s good to be able to confirm what you are dealing with.
Since I supported an individual with Dementia a number of years ago the information out there has exploded and become more proactive.
I work as an assessor facilitating a qualification that can be so helpful in supporting you to understand dementia.
So check out sites that will give free training, or free guidance. Some will let you download for free.


Carers Please Remember You are supporting Vulnerable People

Carers Please Remember You are supporting Vulnerable Peoplekeep-calm-and-vent-your-frustrations

A little rant alert: As someone who supported individuals in their everyday life’s, going out for days working in the home and generally supporting with communication and full inclusion. I am appalled that I just witnessed clearly a carer/support worker pushing an individual in a wheelchairs whilst talking loudly on her phone and totally Ignoring the person she is supporting. Omg why are you not talking to the actual person and you are most likely paid to support. Come on this is a core value. It’s unacceptable and clearly this was a personal call as I could hear every word. If you can’t do the basic then don’t do the job.

Rant over x