Let’s get it right 

 Let’s not lock ourselves up from being able to do our job out there in care. Look out for help and guidance. There are lots of places to go to enable you to remove the chains and to allow support and help in.
Asking for help is not wrong it’s the key to independence and choice.

Here is a version of the Care Act Regarding carers and their rights. Worth a read and also in this there is a support group for carers.


Also the carer or soon to be carers prepare yourselves. It seems at present for new carers. 

I feel this is a good idea and should happen for all care staff out there. Its basic care knowledge that will set you on the right track to commence supporting individuals that are vulnerable in a way that ensure dignity and respect, as surely that is a basic right.


Carers Please Remember You are supporting Vulnerable People

Carers Please Remember You are supporting Vulnerable Peoplekeep-calm-and-vent-your-frustrations

A little rant alert: As someone who supported individuals in their everyday life’s, going out for days working in the home and generally supporting with communication and full inclusion. I am appalled that I just witnessed clearly a carer/support worker pushing an individual in a wheelchairs whilst talking loudly on her phone and totally Ignoring the person she is supporting. Omg why are you not talking to the actual person and you are most likely paid to support. Come on this is a core value. It’s unacceptable and clearly this was a personal call as I could hear every word. If you can’t do the basic then don’t do the job.

Rant over x

Welcome to Pull Up a Chair and Lets Talk Care

As I have worked within the Care sector for over 20 years I feel there is a need to have a place to chat about the things that happen within care and how we can smile about them at the end of the day. Whether you are a full time carer of a family member or a healthcare working within companies this place here right now is a place of positives and honesty of what it can be like out there in the care world. Its about sharing snippets of humour, to share support networks that are out there and to share knowledge.

Ultimately I would like it to be a place to show care in a positive light.11407293_1610030399236995_901733959132680691_n